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Pro Maintenance


Root Maintenance:

When we talk about roots, we are discussing where the new hair meets the potential dreadlock as it grows from the scalp.


The average root maintenance session lasts 2 hours and pertains to the first 1-1.5" of new hair growth.


If you can fit more than a finger in between the base of your scalp and the dread, I would consider your situation a repair session, and it would definitely take longer than the usual time frame.

All maintenance is done using a specialized crochet needle that was designed for dreadlocks. This needle is literally shaped differently than what most locticians use, meaning it does not rip/cut hair like most needles do. With this tool and a few others, I am able to sculpt the roots into the existing dreadlocks as if they were already locked.

  • I do not use the twisting method, because it damages to the roots and causes thinning overtime.

  • I do not use the inter-locking method, because it is does not work for every hair type, and destroys straight haired dreads.

  • I do not use a "common crochet needle," because it can easily cut more hair than it pulls in. 

  • I do not use any chemicals or products, because that stuff is messy, overrated and simply unnecessary

Length Maintenance:

When we talk about length, we are discussing the shaft of the dreads, minus the first 1-1.5" of the root area. 


The average length session can range from 3-6 + hours, depending on the size, density and total number of dreadlocks you have.


Using the same tools as before, the loose hairs along the shaft of the dreads are pulled into the core. Upon washing, not all of the hairs will stay, but most of them will if you are gentle with your washing and *do not scrub the dreads*.


Unless you have a really unique reason, please do not rub your dreads together as if you are going to make a fire while in the shower. This can cause more strays and breakages before or after the length maintenance. 

Length maintenance is typically done once a year, maybe twice; but I do not recommend it for new dreadlocks, because they need more time to mature.

TIP #1 : Make sure your dreads are CLEAN. 


Dirty dreads are difficult dreads.


They are difficult to work with because whenever the hair is too oily, the tool slips and struggles to grip the hair. Not only is this more challenging for me, but it will cost you more because it takes longer to do the same amount of work.


Do not use conditioners or any kind of hair product that puts oils into/on the dreads. All natural or organic is not the holy grail when it comes to down to caring for your dreadlocks if it leaves a residue on the dreads. Watch out for this!


Oily dreads take longer to dry and they attract dust and fuzzies like the plague. Here are some affordable options that I know will get the job done for most people:


  • Scentless Dawn Dish Detergent

  • African Black Soap

  • Dreadhead HQ Dread Soap

  • Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo




Tip Maintenance:

When we talk about tips, we are discussing the ends of the dreadlocks. 

These sessions can last 1-2 hours, unless it is the first tip rounding session.


As your dreadlocks mature, these sessions become less often and if you enjoy loose tips, you will not need this at all. I will usually touchup any tips at the end of a regular maintenace session if there are one or two that really need some love, otherwise I will leave them alone. 

TIP #2: Learn how to MAT your roots.

Matting is the #1 technique for turning your roots into dreadlocks.


By itself, it may not produce uniform dreads, but it will guarantee dreads when used in combination with keeping your dreads oil free. This is a technique that I freely teach, because when you do it before your root maintenance, and do it correctly, it can cut the session length down by 30-45mins ! 

If you plan on going a long time without direct maintenance, this is a MUST.

I will include one free lesson & demonstration to all new clientele, because I want our sessions to be quick and easy.


However, if you want to pay me to rub your head, that's cool too ! 

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