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Terms & Conditions:

A Commitment to Proper Mutual Respect



Thank you for considering me, Dr.Lockstar for your dreadlock needs.


By booking an appointment or consultation, you are agreeing to a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding, which is crucial for a harmonious relationship.

Our Agreement:

  1. Communication is Key: Please inform me if there are any changes to your appointment or if delays occur. I promise to do the same, ensuring we respect each other’s time and commitments.

  2. Punctuality: Arrive on time with your hair dry and clean as agreed. Check the Q&A for details. If you’re running late, a simple message is greatly appreciated as this helps us manage our schedule and ensures that your session isn’t rushed, or cut short.

  3. Accountability: Life happens, and oftentimes it is out of our control. If you encounter a problem, just let me know. I am here to work with you, not against you. I seek clients who are honest and forthright, as this forms the basis of a trusting relationship that we can all enjoy for years to come.

  4. Respect for Each Other’s Time: If appointments are missed without communication, it affects not only our schedule but all other clients as well. We ask for your understanding as we enforce our policies to ensure fairness and respect for everyone involved. Every client matters, not just you


Practical Instructions for Respectful Communication:

  1. Timely Updates: If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. We commit to doing the same, ensuring we respect each other's time and plans.

  2. Arrival Time: Please arrive at the scheduled time with your hair or dreads clean and dry as agreed. If unforeseen circumstances make you late, please let us know immediately. This helps us maintain a smooth schedule and helps provide the best experience for all clients, not just you.

Consequences for Non-Compliance:

  1. Late Arrivals: Arriving more than 15 minutes late without communication may result in your appointment being shortened or rescheduled to respect the time of other clients, and/or the schedule of the Dr.Lockstar

  2. No-Shows: Missing an appointment without prior notice may lead to a cancellation fee and potentially losing the privilege of future bookings. We understand that emergencies happen, so please communicate proactively to avoid a misunderstanding.

  3. Repeated Cancellations: Clients who frequently cancel or miss appointments may be required to pay a 50-80% deposit for all future bookings to ensure commitment to the scheduled time. Such clients will also be treated as a completely new client, becoming ineligible for the lowest rate that is offered to prescheduled or unscheduled repeat clients. This is especially true for any client that fails to immediately provide an honest apology and explanation for the disrespect caused.

Dr.Lockstar's Promise to You:

I will be ready and prepared for your session, respecting the time and effort you’ve planned for it. In the rare event of unexpected delays on my part, I will notify you promptly and offer alternatives, respecting your time as valuable.

Building Trust Together

By adhering to these terms, you help us create a welcoming and efficient environment for everyone involved. I look forward to serving you and building a relationship based on respect and mutual satisfaction.

Thank you for your trust, understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards,


What is my #1. Requirement?

Proper Mutual Respect

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