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Permanent Extensions

Identical Results For All Ethnicities 
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Natural Dreadlock Exensions
Raleigh Dreadlock Extensions
Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions.
Dreadlock Extensions.
Realistic Dreadlock Extensions

I will only provide extensions to you if:

A. You know what you want to achieve, &...

B. You intend to keep what I produce for you.

How to Begin?


1. Consultation

Notice in the video above that the extensions I produce appear seamless with the original hair, both in the resulting dreadlock width and in the bridge that connects the original hair to the extension. This kind of precision requires a consultation to determine exactly how many, how big, and how long the extensions need to be made, depending on the density and health of your preexisting hair.


So, if you want the results I provide, there is no other way than a consultation.

IMPORTANT: You must have at least 3-6" of hair in order to receive permanent dreadlock extensions. This is to ensure the quality and permanency of the final product. (exact requirement depends on the client)

Before you arrive at your consultation, make sure your hair is clean of any oils and is 100% dry. I recommend washing your hair with the Palmolive dish soap as it is cheap and extremely effective.


You may purchase it at Walmart or online HERE.


There is a mandatory $50 deposit for booking the consult that will go towards your future service.


You may book your consultation online HERE, or TEXT me.

*My calendar is reserved for people that know what they want and are willing to proceed confidently, trusting that I can deliver the ideal result based on the evidence provided. 


2. Appointment(s)

After your consultation, if you agree to proceed with the estimated final price, we will set a date for making the extensions (on my own time), and installing the base of the extensions, and attaching them on our appointment date.

Typically, I prefer to install the roots before the extensions, then make the extensions so that I make the exact amount required, no more, no less. However, this would require you to have short dreads for a couple of weeks while I make the extensions. Alternatively, I can make the extensions before your roots are installed, and then attach the extensions as I create the roots one by one over the course of a few days, or however long that takes. Either way, you will have a portion of your head non-dreaded until the final day unless you wish to pay more for express services.

Appointments are separated into 3-6 hour chunks depending on my availability and the price you are willing to pay to have them done sooner than later.


(Expect to pay no less than $900-$1800 for permanent dreadlock extensions, depending on how many, how thick, and how long you want the end result to be. Every person is different.)


Also, keep in mind that these are PERMANENT.

If you browse around, you will most likely find that everyone else charges just as much, or more for extensions that are not permanent, and of less quality than what I can reliably produce.)

If the price of this service is out of your budget range, I recommend starting with INSTANT DREADLOCKS instead and letting your dreads grow out naturally over time; and/or scheduling a lesson with me to learn my technique.

If you struggle with emotionally accepting the idea of short dreads, you may experience my personal meditation practice at which will alleviate your worries and produce peace.

**Contact me at if you are interested in overcoming all of your insecurities and we will arrange a date and time for a 1-on-1 coaching session with my other business at this address. I also require a deposit for this service as well with a 100$ money-back guarantee on the results I promise.


3. Satisfaction

Permanent dreadlock extensions are one of the most expensive services on the market.

However, I encourage you to make a well-informed decision and to browse around, previewing the offers, prices, and results that my "competitors" advertise. Many of them will promise you a lot but will fail to deliver all-natural, product-free, crocheted dreadlocks of the same consistent quality; but that is up to you to decide what is best for you in your situation.

Ideally, I would like for you to choose to receive your dreadlocks and extensions through me, not just because of the income it provides, but because I have seen PLENTY of people make the mistake of going to someone else that is "more affordable," only to have me fix their head and replace their extensions after the fact.


I do not want this to happen to you.


So, do not rush into this looking for a quick fix; browse around before you decide. 


Only Available By Appointment

- 888 Jack Rd Clayton NC 27520 -

Normal Hours: 10am-6pm

Text : 919-879-9591

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