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Understanding Your True Risk

The Truth About The Wuhan Virus

What Real Practicing Doctor's Have Said:

MANY more videos from this reputable association can be found HERE during Summit 1, and also Summit 2. This is where you may find all of the science based perspectives from real practicing Doctors.

Click Here for the PDF from
(This contains the most accurate facts about Covid, treatments, etc.)

My Covid Policy:

You are welcome to wear a mask, but I shall not wear one, nor will I endorse it after discovering the Truths I have collected...

protect your rights

COVID-19 Vaccines are Voluntary

AFLDS physicians strongly object to any persons being coerced, mandated or forced to take any experimental medication, whether it is labeled a vaccine, drug, therapeutic, modality, agent etc. Our scientific recommendations as to who should consider the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, currently in investigational stages only, are contained within the White Paper PDF. Federal law, per the FDA, prohibits any persons from being coerced to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Please read attached Pfizer and Moderna Fact Sheets published by the FDA.

[ Moderna FDA "Vaccine" PDF ]

[ Pfizer FDA "Vaccine" PDF ]

[PDF Vax Card for "viewing purposes" only]


The Experimental "Vaccine"

Please read with an open mind, before you agree, disagree, or try to debate yourself in your mind:


        Within the experimental "vaccines," there is an mRNA nano-technology that will permanently alter your DNA, making you a "Product of Microsoft," and a "GMO," as a genetically modified human.


World Patent #060606

Click the link above & below see the details for yourself. 

USA PATENT: US20200097951


The USA patent clearly explains that you will be "WORKING" for cryptocurrency. You will be given a task, and the mRNA can detect if you do it. And depending on if your job is done, or not, you will be paid, or not, accordingly. The "task" could be ANYTHING his company signals for you to do. ANYTHING.


& Bill Gates will hold the strings...for now.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months

[ It is the re-exposure to a the virus that activates that chain of effects that maims or kills the host after receiving the vaccine. ]

[ All authorities admit that this "vaccine" does not prevent the virus or transmission, so it is truly not a vaccine at all. Traditionally, vaccines contain a part of the virus and the body uses a dead virus to make antibodies against it. In this mRNA poison, it is design to alter your DNA into manufacturing a portion of the virus, killing your type-2 white blood cells, damaging your lungs, etc. There is also 18 sub-units of HIV in this mRNA. Chromosome 8 is in the code, which is responsible for intelligence AND fertility. Meaning your body will be tricked into attacking itself.


The ingredients in these "vaccines" are truly horrifying.

Many more video resources can be found at:

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The Golden Question:

Will you seek to discover & serve God's Will, or

will you be enslaved by Lucifer's Will?

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