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Instant Dreadlocks. Profesional Dreadlocks.Crochet Dreadlocks.Natural Dreadlocks. Raleigh Dreadlocks.
Instant Dreadlocks
Realistic Dreadlock Extensions. Natural Dreadlock Extensions. Permanent Dreadlock Extensions. Crochet Dreadlock Extensions. Raleigh Dreadlock Extensions.
Realistic Extensions
Professional Dreadlock Maintenance. Crochet Dreadlock Maintance. Natural Dreadlock Maintenance. Product Free Dreadlock Maintenance. Raleigh Dreadlock Maintenance.
Pro Maintenance
Natural Dreadlock Repair. Extreme Dreadlock Repairs. Crochet Dreadlock Repair. Raleigh Dreadlock Repair.
Extreme Repairs
Services: Portfolio

The Raleigh Dreadlock Expert

Dr​. Lockstar specializes in custom dreadlock services:

Crocheted Dreadlocks & Natural Dreadlocks

Using ZERO products...just skillz.

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