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Q & A: FAQ


Several factors need to be considered before an accurate estimate can be given.

This is what I consider:

  • Hairline.

  • Head Size.​

  • Cleanliness.

  • Hair Length.

  • Hair Damage.

  • Follicle Density.

  • Strand Thickness.

  • Degree of Neglect.

  • Amount of Dreads.

  • Maturity of Dreads.

  • Length of dreads.

  • Size of Dreads.

  • Anything else.

Without a consultation, I have no idea what price range your service will require, and even with a consultation, my estimate is only an estimate. The actual price depends on the service duration per hour.


If you schedule an in-person consultation, I will demonstrate whatever needs to be done for you.


This means if you have hair, I will make a dread for you, or if you have dreads, I will demonstrate whatever you seek to be completed. During my process, I will time myself, perform any necessary measurements, and then calculate how long it may take in order to deliver your service in full. 

This enables me to give very accurate estimations for in-person consultations, and semi-accurate estimations for digital consultations. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the price is an hourly rate of the completed service, not the estimate given during the consultation.


Due to the time frame and intricacy of my services, a deposit is requested in advance for new clients and repeat clients that have difficulty with not showing up on time or with proper notice of rescheduling.


Please show courtesy to this formality as it secures your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable, but transferable with reasonable notice of rescheduling. However, if you do not show up with proper 24 hours of notice, your deposit will be void.

Instant Dreadlocks

  • Deposit: 50% of the estimate. The balance minus the deposit is due on the day of the appointment. 

Professional Maintenance

  • Deposit: $50. The average session lasts 3 hours for new clients and 2 hours for repeat clients, but sometimes more or less. You will need a consultation before being able to schedule with me. 

Extreme Repairs

  • Deposit: 50% of the estimate. The balance minus the deposit is due on the day of the appointment. 

Realistic Extensions

  • Deposit: The client pays for the cost of hair determined by the service. This deposit pays for the purchase of the human extension hair. The full price of the service is due on the day of the appointment. If it is understood by both parties that the client will be supplying the hair, an alternative amount will be established to secure the appointment.

    • Note: Dr. Lockstar cannot be held responsible for hair supplied by the client and he will not start any service that may compromise the application or end result of the work.

Cancelations and Missed Appointments

Please email, text or call if you are unable to make your appointment. Missed appointments without a reasonable notice will be subject to a $49 rescheduling fee and loss of your deposit. This applies to all clients, all services, all of the time. If you are consistently late to your appointments, or you are late without notice, a fee will be applied to your session that is proportionate to the hourly rate & the time elapsed.  

Basically, show up 5-10mins early, or give notice if you are running late.

If you are repeatedly late or give no notice, you will be charged $1.00 /Minute


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