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Terms & Conditions:

Please, read and understand: "Proper Mutual Respect"

DO NOT book with me unless you 100% agree.

A failure to do so, may result in service termination.

Thank you.

What is:  "Proper Mutual Respect" ?


When you book a session with me, you are entering into a verbal and/or written contract of agreement between two mutual parties; I have something you need (the skills to beautify your locs) and you have something I need (the income to maintain, sustain, and progress my lifestyle into better serving more people like you).

When you keep your side of the agreement: showing up on time with clean, dry hair or locs, and/or you promptly inform me of any changes to your situation (should it infringe upon our agreement), you fulfill your side of this understanding of consciously practicing "proper mutual respect". Because should something happen in my life that infringes upon our agreement, I will promptly inform you well in advance of the present day, so that we can adjust accordingly.


Nice, right? You wouldn't want to show up to the shop, and I'm not here, only to have wasted the 30mins-2hour drive in route to the session, would you?!?!


A failure to keep your side of the agreement is not always your direct fault, but it is always your reasponsibility to own up to the events that happen in your life experience, and not blame people, places and things for the shit that happens to you; followed by promptly imforming me of a shift in your life situation (should it infridge upon our agreement).

I am willing to 'work with' anyone's life situation, because I am not a mindless zombie. 
And so, I am not going to blame you, or hate you if something happens out of your control: an accident occures, traffic is bad, you lost your phone, etc. But what I will do is require you to either inform me of being late in advance, or apologize for being late, or apologize for missing your appointment, should it happen for any reason whatsoever: 


Otherwise, I will cease to provide my services unto you. 

So, understand right now how dead-ass-serious I AM.

( Some of you might be wondering: how can he be so demanding? Charge what he does? And still be in buisness? The answer is: I am not in the business of bending over for a buck, just to get fucked out of my self-worth.)

At present, I have all of the clientele that I need to work only 2 days a week on dreadlocks and be happy.


So, I'm willing to wait for the best clientele, those of you who are real and recognize real, and only desire the best service and personality working on your locs, guarenteed. I also have a life-coaching business, so you are literally receiving a potential therapy session in combination with your dreadlock services. )

...and please read the more detailed version of this explaination of "proper mutual respect," below ; I will inquire about what you have read on this website during our consultation, should you enfringe upon this #1. Requirement.)


If I see that you have not read this page: I will place it in front of you, and I will read it outload to you, word for word like a bed time story, so that I know, that you know, that I know, that you know: how dead-ass-serious I AM.

If I ask if you have read this page & you say yes, but have not: That is called lying to me, and I will not conduct any business with you without an apology if you cannot be honest about such a simple issue; afterall, if you are willing to lie about something so trivial, how much more are you willing to lie about something important? A LOT (fyi)


You have been forewarned. 

If you cannot receprocate "proper mutual respect," based on your personal knowledge of past experiences and an inablity to keep your appointments as agreed upon with other service providers, that is fine; just do not book with me and you will avoid the headache of me having a very thorough pep-talk on what it means to: Be A Decent Human Being.

By reading these "Terms & Conditions"; or by booking a consultation or appointment, you agree to my terms of conducting business with me i.e. respect me & I'll respect you as I deliver my services as agreed; or disrespect me, and I'll deny all of my services unto you, eternally. 


The Choice is Yours.

Thank you.

Love, Michael


The Different Scenarios of :
"Proper Mutual Respect"

By booking a consultation, or appointment, you agree to the terms & conditions outlined below:


"Proper Mutual Respect," entails the following conditions of behavior:

After booking your
consultation or appointment...

1. On the appointed date of your session, you agree to send a text message with your ETA (estimated time of arrival) before departing for your appointment.


This informs all parties involved of your intent to show up, "on time".


2. To arrive "on time," entails arriving in the parking area within 5-15 minutes before the scheduled time slot; upon arriving, you may send a text, "I have arrived". Whereupon, I will either greet you and usher you inside early, or I will meet you at the door at our appointed time. 


Please, do not exit your vehicle until you are welcomed, or until at least 5 minutes till the appointed time-slot; just in case Sage (the siberian husky) is roaming around the premise. And do not bring children on this premise unless you have been given explicit approval. Sage is friendly, but she is young and still sees little kids as a threat when entering into her space. 

3. If you perceive that you are running late, might arrive late, or are stuck in traffic, please send a courtasy text even if you have already sent an ETA; arriving 15+ minutes after our appointed start time is considered LATE and you run the risk of your appointment being canceled due to your time-slot infriendging on another's time-slot and/or my patience:


If you fail to send this courtasy message and are more than 15 minutes late, I will promptly call you at the 16 minute mark to inquire as to where you are.

If you are nearby, I will wait & our appointment will proceed as usual
& you will be charged for lost time.

If however, you are still in bed, or have forgotten about our appointment, that is completely unacceptable, and your appointment is thereby canceled for that day ; and depending on the situation, you may lose your deposit for "not calling, nor showing up," or you may lose any opportunity to work with me again.


The correct coarse of action in this instance is for you to honestly explain yourself as to why you failed to keep your appointment, and not wait for me to contact you; followed by a prompt apology and admission of guilt: for example, "I am sorry / I apologize for missing my appointment. May I please reschedule with you ?" 

This is the only circumstance in which I will attempt to trust you again, so do not repeat such a mistake.

If however... you attempt to explain yourself without apologizing for wasting my time, accidentally or not, I will discontinue offering any service to you, no matter who you are, how much I enjoy your company, or how long you have been a client.

Such a failure to accept personal responsibility for your own mistakes is not becoming of anyone that I intend to share my life, services, or knowledge with. So, please. Recognize how serious I am about this before making this type of mistake.
I will disown anyone of you who cannot reciprocate: Proper Mutual Respect. 

So, do not test me; because as many people that may lie to you, I am not, and I will not. I promise you.


4. If you perceive that you can no longer afford a service due to circumstances out of your relative control, the best coarse of action is to promply inform me of such a change in plans. And the absolute worse thing you could do is not contact me at all, let the appointment date arrive, and leave me here waiting on you...

If this should happen, I will attempt to call you (not text) so as to inquire as to why you failed to show up; you will then have an opportunity to honestly explain what happened and apologize for wasting my time.

And in that moment, I will be able to discern if you are indeed telling the truth or not; and if your apology is sincere, or not. And depending on the situation, and your testimony, you may lose your deposit and/or be required to place a new and/or larger deposit before I will attempt to trust you again. 

If upon attempting to call you, I do not receive a call or text back within 24-72 hours, I will place you on my banned list, and you will have to go through the website to submit an email, sharing your testimony of what happened, and apologizing for why you were unable to attend. 


It does not matter if the circumstances were completely out of your control; I require an apology, or you will not be welcome back here again. Such an apology is required because it shows humility (a virtue) and a willingness to accept total responsibilty for all of the good and bad events that come upon you (a virtue). Its called karma, and its your karma, not mine. So, own it. And move on. 

If the situation is truly a life & death situation that practically prevented you from properly informing me of your inabilty to keep the appointment, I will understand and we can reschedule the appointment; attributing some, or all of your deposit towards a future date... so long as you apologize in some shape, way or form. 

If the situation is not a life & death situation, and you failed to properly inform me as soon as you knew that you would no longer be attending; you will have automatically lost your deposit, and you will be placed on my ongoing banned clientele list with your name, number, email, etc.

This will ensure that neither I, nor anyone else that I teach will ever have to endure such disrespect from you ever again. 

5. If you fail to show up for multiple appoinments, but apologize, and thus, I am willing to keep you as an ongoing client, you will be required to place a 50% deposit for your ongoing sessions; because only trusted clientele get to be on my calendar without requiring a deposit; and once you break that trust by failing to keep your half of our agreements, you will have to earn that opportunity back before I will attempt to trust you again. 

6. Throughout this explaination thus far, I have emphasized all of these scenarios to highlight your side of the equation of "proper mutual respect," so here is my side of the equation, and you are welcome to hold me to it, or I will offer a full refund in any situation where I am unable to deliver upon our agreements. 


Specifically, when we agree on the date of our appointment, I will be awaiting you, ready & willing to begin as soon as you arrive; and should any circumstance or situation in any shape, way or form hinder my ability to fufill my half of our agreement, guess what?

I will promtly inform you, well in advance of the date & time if possible, and should something completely out of my control prevent the session from comincing, I will apologize, like a mature, rational, compassionate, human-being; because I do value your time, your life, and your commitment to me as your loctician and friend. 


And if I will be traveling to you, you will receive an ETA when I am on the way; and should I for any reason be in route, but am running late due to traffic or my own inadaquies resurfacing in the moment, I will apologize upon arriving and before saying anything else to you, because that is what a responsible and sincere huMAN does when he or she perceives oneself to be falling short of a mutal agreement. 

What I will not do, because I absolutely hate it what it happens to me, is pretend like I did not fuck up my side of the equation; and in more cases than not, I will deduct my own pay from the total service cost in such instances, because I consider your time, life, and presence just as valuable as my own. And so long as any man is unwilling to accept his own mistakes, the same is a fool, and will soon repeat his mistakes until he repents.


7. In short, this is not complicated: be honest and keep your commitments to me; apologize when you fall short, or simply do not commit at all if you have any doubts of your ability to commit to the process of how this business works.

This is my business, and it will be conducted my way, or you can respectfully be blessed: somewhere else. 


When you respect me, what happens here is becomes Our Business and I will treat you like Family.

But if you fail to reciprocate Proper Mutual Respect as I have defined it in detail above (1-7) ; that is like saying, "F@ck Michael; I do not care about his life; He is just another vending machine to me; I just want to use him to get what I want, and then I'm going to forget him like he never helped me at all. "

And if that is your POV of me, or of anyone else, it would be wise of you to stay away from here.


If you do not appreciate me, my life, my story, my work, my reputation, my sanity, my knowledge, my skills, my lifestyle, my puppy, my clients, or how forward I am about about my Terms & Conditions of business:


Keep It Moving


I genuinely care about my clients and their wellbeing, but should I find a snake in my mists, pretending to be a friend, I am going to protect my clientele, my home, my business and my sanity by removing such Tares among the Wheat; because such are closer than family to me, and I will not let any evil doers mingle among the righteous children of God (the Father) while under my roof.

You have my word. 

Test it - if you dare.


Thank you for reading all of this :D

"Proper Mutual Respect"

is my #1. Requirement for recieving services from me.

I really am quite simple, peaceful, and easy going, but I've finally had enough with getting burned by these Tares who have no understanding of proper mutual respect unless their own ass is put under the torch; and that's where I'm at. 

You are either for me, my services, and everything I stand for; or you are against me.


There is no middle ground anymore. 

Do you Agree?  




We have far more in commen than you could possibly imagine ;-D 

I look forward to finding a new friend in you; and you in me. :-D

Welcome Home.

Proceeding Unto A Brighter Note:

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