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Know :  God's Will

The Gnostic Choice is simply the experience of directly witnessing the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven, within; and then applying that experience into the imaginative manifesting process so as to produce the quickest change in yourself and around you.

It is an experience of combining breath focus, with hearing God's Holy Name, and witnessing the spirit of the 'i' and the 'AM' united as one as you maintain the conscience of such in the imaginative ideal course of actions, per situation. 


Due to this practice being so absolutely life transforming, I freely teach it and introduce it on Saturday's Tiktok live, usually at 11:11 am Est, each Saturday.


You may also experience these meditations for free herein.


Upon seeing the fruit for yourself, please purchase to support my Mission:

I have been designing a karma based MMORPG videogame that replicates realistic karma in a 2D-3D vision of the world for the last 17 years, from the beginning of Genesis and all the way through revelation.

For those who seek after righteousness, and practice authenticity instead of evil within the game world, the same will gradually gain access to these teachings, and many others.


For those who seek after wickedness, and deny the authentic nature of one's character, the same will gradually learn of the direct and ongoing consequences of doing evil in life.


The purpose is to empower and educate the souls who seek after Enlightenment & Eternal Life, but also to educate the wicked so that there is no excuses come judgement day; for all shall know of this game.


This game is called 'iNCARNATE: The Journey Within'.

Soon, it shall come to pass that all will be amazed and impressed by the Works the Father has me do. Here is the 2D version starting map, and the basic sprite that will inhabit the 2D version of the game world (this proof of concept game version is called: 'Elder Son':


DALLยทE 2023-12-31 14.41.05 - Create a 2D top-down view map of a self-sustaining forest vil
Mugman copy.png

The 2D Version is the proof of concept: The play style will be similar to 'AmongUS,' except:

1. All of the tasks will serve a purpose of whole.

2. NPCs are within the world & they reflect the karma back at the player, be it good or evil.
3. There are over a hundred different features within this game's design to make it engaging for the wicked (to learn of their wickedness) & the righteous (to learn of attaining perfection).

Seek & Ye Shall Find:


If it is currently within your means, please support my Mission by purchasing the current sound tracks as you begin to see the Works.


If it is not currently within your means to financially contribute, please subscribe and be on the lookout for a meditation to solve that issue.


Those of you who thirst after righteousness, and seek the meat of the kingdom of heaven at hand, you will not be disappointed! 

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