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How to begin to realize the Kingdom of Heaven ?


"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee

the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."

- Christ Yeshua, Gospel of John, Chapter 17:3




"And Here is Heaven: that 'i' might know God, the only true God, and 'i' might know Jesus Christ, whom God sent."


This is the Truth:

Eternal Life
is Within Us All, and this is 
The True Meaning of The Kingdom of Heaven At Hand: Simply Seek to Know God, the Father, The Only True & Real God, because He is The One We Can See With Awareness.  Likewise, he wills us to Know his son, Jesus Christ, Christ Yeshua, the Son of God, the Anointed One, The First of the Sons of God, The Prince of Peace, The One Whom is God Sent From Heaven Whom Gave Us The Way to Heaven. He is the Whom Who Lived, Died, and Is Again Alive, Forevermore. We must know both in order to enter into The Kingdom of Heaven at Hand.




To see, feel & know God, the Father &

his Son, Jesus the Christ as distinct, yet One within us

is to know these two as one personal experience of Heaven.

' i AM ' : The Journey, within.


There are 9 steps to Heaven, and there are 9 lessons explaining how to step, walk, & follow Christ into the 9 experiences that unveil The Kingdom of Heaven at hand.

Each step is an experience unto itself, and each lesson builds upon the previous step and experience. This means that you will not realize the Kingdom if you skip steps, or lessons before fully comprehending and exemplifying each fact.

All 9 steps, lessons and experiences are required to become one continuous conscious experience before the Kingdom of Heaven can be righteously discerned to be here at hand.


However, you can subconsciously begin to experience the Kingdom Heaven by successfully experiencing step 1 & step 2 on a daily basis, not missing any days !

The other steps are what will sanctify you and make you holy within God's sight. These will purify your soul back to its original purity very very quickly, removing all sin.


As you become purer, you will become childlike, yet wise.


When you reach 100% purity, due to consistently being able to maintain a conscience of all 9 steps, lessons & experiences as One, you will realize the Kingdom of Heaven, permanently.

Within this process, you may glimpse the Kingdom of Heaven via inspiration or revelation at certain points of purity, or not, either way you should begin sharing the true Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven based on your direct experience as soon as you receive The Knowledge of God directly from God.


God's Knowledge is called Gnosis.


As children of God the Father, we are called to manifest God's Will on Earth, and his will is that you see, feel & know him directly as he truly is in your everyday life experience.

God also wills that you see, feel & know his Son, the Christ as he truly is in your everyday life by using God's True Name, His Holy Word to sanctify yourself like Jesus Christ did.


To receive these two revelations is to experience:

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ"

(As discussed on Tiktok, SAT 10am Est.)

 Heaven's revelation is the experience of witnessing these two as one within your ongoing present moment experience and in combination with many other revelations along The Way.


When this begins to happen for you, God's Will is that you share The Gospel based on your personal experience of having seen God, seen Christ, and seen Heaven, so that you may inspire others to seek the Kingdom as well.


I am doing what I am doing as an example for you all, so that you might be inspired to seek The Kingdom and Join Me in the knowledge, wisdom & understanding of Reality.

This is what it means to manifest God's Will. ;-)



(God be praised!)


Click HERE to proceed into Lesson 1. Pray : The Way

This is my mood writing all this :-)

Copywrite 2023 Michael Smith

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