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6. Sow : The Hope

One of the most important ingredients is Hope.


The greatest hope is the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven because the entire gospels can be summarized as a message of hope. The hope for freedom from the suffering induced by this world's conditions and our own decisions.


A man without hope is a man without faith.

Hope is the fuel of faith, and the manna from Heaven.


To eat of earthly hope is to fuel earthly deeds.

To eat of heavnly hope is to fuel heavenly deeds.


You must foster a sincere concept of your life improving and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by your own actions and interaction with the world around you.


At first, you will see this from a 3rd person perspective, outside looking in. This is visualization, seeing it, but not yet being it.


Next, assume a 1st person perspective of yourself experiencing your version of Heaven on Earth inside looking out. This is actualization, because this is what 'makes it happen,' so long as you remain true to this hope & faith.


Use all of your senses, and use more senses upon reterning each time to the practice.Do this effectively enough that you forget your body, and so well enough that you begin to think from your experience, instead of thinking of your experience.


Really live it.


Basically, pretend to already live in the Kingdom of God, full of miracles, transformations, power and wonder in thanksgiving.


Pretend to beocme the Heros and Heroines we all need.Be like a child again in the practice of your vision. And of course, only focus on that which supports love, truth, mercy, faith, patience, kindness, compassion, generousity, virtue, and knowledge.


Do not include any reference of the opposite, unless it is an overcoming and the obliteration of that obstacle forever.Upon doing all of this correctly, you will feel inspiration, gladness, peace, joy, satisfaction, and/or love, and you will feel a spontaenous drive to be, and do, and live your life.


So long as you continue to nuture this hope, it will continue to flourish into completely changing your material life.


Simply trust in the knowledge of God & His Word introduced herein thus far so as to continue to manifest The Kingdom of God.(The book will discuss how this all works & why.)


Follow the meditation audio tracks below to learn how.

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