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5. Work : The Word

Learn how to hear the holy name of God inside of you, and how to feel the spirit of the name as well.


This is mention in detail in the #1. Pray : Correctly.


This is a simple summary & straight to the point:The holy name of God is YHWH, and it sounds like "Yahweh," when we breathe in a natural, relaxed, feeling-sensitive way.Once you can mimic the name/sound outloud, you then close your mouth, and practice hearing it reverberate through your throat, chest, and forehead in meditation, and in all moments.


The Word becomes the sole focus of all silent moments when not occupied by a conscious intention, purpose, activity, etc.This is what you listen to instead of listening to the dialogue inside of your head. If you need to know something, Heaven can give you a revelaltion called an insight.


It is like a picture of all the references you requires to accomplish a task within a single moment. It is like a rememberance, or a download of the information and/or knowledge and hunches required. You will basically begin to know whatever you need to know to do God's Will as you proceed to do his works upon needing to do them, and not a moment before.


All of it will be obvious and will fit in with your current logic, or spontanously reassemble itself.


By simply maintaining a conscience of The Word, the reverberations throughout your body and mind will shake loose any residual debri within your psyche so that, slowly but surely, every lie you have ever accepted dissolves in the light of proof.


This is how you become perfect: Clean Your Cup


Follow the meditation audio tracks below to learn how.

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