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4. Feel : The Flow

Learn how to perceive The Holy Spirit i.e. intuition, while it remains in its dormant condition, not informing you. 


This experience has two halves: While exhaling, the first half feels like a sinking or melting sensation called Ease, but then changes into a persistent, steady sensation while inhaling called Calm. It alternates between Ease & Calm with every exhalation and inhalation respectively into ever greater states of obviousness.I said sensations above, but it is not a sensation.


The physical breathing sensations will remain consistent and observable, while an underpinning, sensation-like, inner emotion-like 'feeling' experience is perceived.


This feeling as a whole is called 'The Flow'.


When you feel an emotion, that is 'what you feel'.How you feel an emotion? The Flow is 'how you feel.'If you took all the emotions in existance and mixed them together, the positive and negative and all others, what would that feel like?


The Flow feels like that, and feels different depending on what is within our core focus & intent.


Follow the meditation audio tracks below to learn how.

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