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3. SEE : The View

Learn how to see a glimpse of Who You Truly Are : Spirit Embodied by asking this question outloud, "Am i Aware?"


(Aware of what? you might ask.)"


Am I aware of being aware?" If so. "How do i know?" )


Upon sincerely asking these questions, or simply the first question, there will be a shift in your conscience. It will be a very subtle increasing in 'knowing'.


You will feel this subtle shift in you intuition, like a feeling suddenly becoming more prominent.


It may last for a moment, or a second, but with intent and focus, you can actually maintain it continously.


For most people, the shift will be subtle and will slip away very quickly and very easily. Yet, with practice, familiarity and the knowledge of God, you will realize that this is you, seeing yourself being one with God from within.


Follow the meditation audio tracks below to learn how.

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