Learn to Crochet & Attach Ur Old Locs

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  • 2 hours
  • 400 US dollars
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Service Description

In this 2 hour lesson, you will learn: 1. How to properly crochet dreadlocks without hurting yourself or the dreadlocks. 2. How to properly attach old dreadlocks to preexisting dreadlock bases and/or hair. 3. How to properly maintain & repair the length of your dreadlocks with tools. How will this lesson directly benefit you? #1. You will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by not having to pay for a professional to create and install your old dreadlocks for you (Dr. Lockstar will not do it for personal reasons.) #2. You will gain a professional skill in crocheting dreadlocks for maintainting the length of your dreadlocks (not the roots), enabling you to someday pursue a career, if you so find the need or see the benefits in doing so. #3. You will be empowered to take the reigns of your dreadlock journey, enabling you to never fall "victim" to the inadequate skills of another loctician while traveling. #4. You get to enjoy a life-time of professional grade locs at minimal upfront cost; only needing to pay for professional services in an emergency, or simply to treat yourself; or for pro maintenance. This lesson will not include how to make dreadlocks on someone's head, wix dreadlocks (dread combining), dreadlock repairing as a whole, or anything else in relation to dreadlocks. BONUS: You will be taught how to repair any weak area in your dreadlocks, just in case you accidently damage your locs in a certain spot due to working without full presence in the task at hand. Requirements: Your hair will need to be properly pre-parted in accordance to the appropriate size of the bases to produce the same size new growth to the previous locs; this can be done by someone else, somewhere else, or it can be done in preparation to this appointment. Dr. Lockstar charges his typical rate of $130 per hour to part someones hair or anything else; but that is a seperate appointment all together, and it is not included in this service. This services only includes the necessary skills to reattach your own dreadlocks to the appropriate amount of hair and/or to the correct sized dreadlock bases; your own dread bases, or hair parting is not included.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable, even if you change your mind.* Please send an ETA upon heading to your destination. This lets me know - that you know - that I know - that you know, that we have an appointment and now We Both Know that we are both ready for Perfection ;-D NOTE: If you choose to not send an ETA (estimated time of arrival) I will not know if you know that our appointment is scheduled, nor will I check with you to confirm; because you are an adult, and I trust you to be an adult and remember your own priorities; or you will pay the consequences, just like an adult, regardless as to why you chose not to prioritize respecting Me and our mutual agreements. Please, think ahead and arrive on time. You may wait in the driveway 5-15 minutes beforehand if you are early, but do not "just show up" without an appointment, consult, proper notice, or approval by Me, directly or through this website. CAUTION: For those of you who do not send an ETA, if you think or know that you will be late, please text or call so that I know that you are still coming, because if you are not here on time, or within 15 minutes of our appointed timeslot, Your Appointment WILL BE CANCELED for "failure to give proper notice". "Proper Notice," is defined in terms of contacting me as soon as you Think, Know or Believe that you might be behind schedule, something came up, you cannot make it, or you need to reschedule; for cancelations and rescheduling, proper notice is defined to be at least 24 hours in advance; or at that absolute latest, the night before; however, on the appointed day, proper notice is defined as "before you get here," or "in route". Warning #1: If you fail to show up to your appointment or consultation (without Proper Notice*) your deposit will be void, and/or you will be required to pay an additional $50 for wasting your first opportunity to keep your word. (i.e. it would have gone towards the service, but now it goes towards the cost of wasting both of our time.) Warning #2: If you fail to admit fault, and/or refuse to pay the penalties as described in #1, you will be banned from this business and ALL of its ongoing Locticians, henceforth; forever. This can be waved at any point you are ready to pay the appropriate penalties AND promptly submit a video testimonial of your apology, kindly asking me to help you once again. At that point, IF I See that your apology is genuine & sincere, I will reconsider accepting you as a client again, but with a higher deposit requirement. And under no other circumstance will I reconsider accepting you, ever. Warning #3: Please respect Me & My Locticians' as we continue to respect you; or pay the consequences, one way, or another. This is my promise & the only guarantee I offer: I will stay true to My Word. Thank you for understanding. God Bless You. 💚🙏🙌 PS: There are options for email & text reminders now, so there is absolutely no excuse for failure to give proper notice or ETA.

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