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For those of you who seek Salvation & Freedom:

     Assuming that you have educated yourself enough to know that you will not be taking the vaccine, and you wish to remain free, safe, healthy, and sane throughout this transition of power, I must remind you that the only REAL solution is to fully embody The Life of Living in God's Will.


What do I mean?

      In particular, there are four types of people:

1) Those of you that have NOT yet asked God to come into your life in the name of Jesus Christ;
or through some other act of Surrender;

2) Those of you that have asked God to come into your heart through the name of Jesus Christ; upon which you experienced the Spirit of Truth awaken within you;
AND you have persisted therein, realizing that all religions share one common core.


3) Those of you that have asked God to come into your heart through the name of Jesus Christ, upon which you have experienced the Spirit of Truth awaken within you; YET soon after your gift, you strayed from the faith, probably due to the false teachings of God that rubbed you the wrong way.

4) Those of you that have experienced an awakening that was not brought about by the name Jesus Christ, but was due to some kind of situation that forced you to Surrender, upon which you experienced the Spirit of Truth awaken within you; AND you have either discovered the Tao (God's Will) and/or you are working to foster the correct relationship towards The Absolute(God).

    In all of these cases, no matter how you have come to understand God, His Will or Christ Consciousness, the experience of God's Divine Presence is what unifies us beyond all nationalities or religious affiliations.

   For most people, whether you were awakened by your Surrender, or by invoking the name of Jesus Christ or God in prayer, in all cases, you must come to live with the Right Relationship to God & His Will, else you will not be able to know and truly live in The Kingdom of Heaven, even as it is revealed among you.


     Truly, there will come a day when many people will say, "Lord, I brought you many souls; I preached your name wide and clear, and I studied your words like a scholar; am I not welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven?" And he will say, "No. You are not welcomed. For even as the Spirit of Truth awoke in you, you used it as you willed and you failed to fulfill God's Will; Thus, there is no place in Heaven for the likes of you who practice Lawlessness!"

FACT: God's Will is The Law


     Heaven is a realm reserved for the souls(mind-bodies) that cherish and keep His Law (God's Will) in their hearts(feelings) and minds(thoughts) day and night; Heaven is reserved for the Righteous and Noble; Not because we think we are better, but because God's Will is better than better. It's The Best; and we LOVE the Results.

     Heaven is not a place for idle thoughts and idle feelings that influence whatever you think is best. That is the kind of mindset that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven, all by himself, due to thinking he knew better than God.

     Heaven is the place where the best thoughts and feelings arise automatically as a GIFT in the Presence of God's Will, upon which we are given inspired actions in our respective domains, and this is what keeps Heaven alive and eternal.


In Conclusion:

     There are a lot of Christians & people of alternative Faiths that think they are going to be saved in the Rapture, but who still do not Live in The Faith of God's Will.

To truly live in The Faith is to be freed from all sin & suffering.


And by not living in the faith, you will remain here in drama while those people that are of The Faith are sparred from the drama that is yet to come. However, the strongest of The Living Faith will not leave with the Rapture but will stay behind to help others discover The Faith until Lucifer's Demise.

     A already do this at least twice a week on Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays here at Dr.Gnosis, my professional Spirit-Life Coaching Business.


Consider this your First Official Notice:

The Kingdom of Heaven is #AmongUS

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