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My Vision: Dating Profile

This is subject to change at anytime.

I am an assertive masculine male seeking a submissive feminine female to marry and become one flesh.

I am a righteous man of God seeking to
do God's Will and manifest The Kindgom of God on Earth. This is my mission and life's purpose as leader of our family unit, and you must support me in this mission as my helper & true follower.

If you are the ideal canditate for marrying me, you will agree with all of my requirements for the marraige; so consider this a preview of a marriage contract:

Initial Marriage Requiresments:

This is subject to change at anytime.

1. Be honest,
or be willing to become honest.


2. Be able to cook,
or be willing to learn to master cooking.

3. Be able to clean,
or be willing to master house keeping.

4. Be submissive at home,

or be willing to become submissive.

5. Believe in God & Christ,
or be willing to learn more about God.


6. Accept that Jesus is the Christ,
or be willing to learn more about Christ.

7. Desire a real man to lead you through the scriptures,
or atleast be open to having that conversation.

8. Desire to be a traditional wife with a traditional man that will take care of all your material needs. 


You may have hobbies, and part-time at-home job if the income is necessary; otherwise, there is plenty for you to do as a helper for my mission, and a wife to our children.

I do not want an independent woman.

I want a woman that is wholly trusting in my leadership, and who is willing to knowledagbly depend upon me to give her the life of OUR dreams, one day and interaction at a time.

9. Able to listen effectively & ask questions,
rather than fail to listen, or fail to ask.


10. Can follow instructions, and is comfortable, being vulnerable in her learning process. 

11. Desires to get fit and stay fit with a man that genuinely loves and cares about her well being and who strive to be an example of all he stands for.

12. Desires to have all her bills paid, and everything she needs to enjoy her hobbies and raise home-school childen once we are married. 

1. You will be the 1st of many wives.

I will not consciously seek out the 2nd wife until the first marriage is finalized, and my income is sufficient to support the 2nd wife. Just as this is conscious, open, deliberate, respectful seeking, so shall it be then.

2. Our marriage will be lawful, not legal.

Each marriage will have a ceremony, voes, family and friends; we will have a document created, clearly defining our roles and responsibilities in the relationship so there is nothing hidden after the fact. I am a simple guy. Food once or twice a day, sex, bible study, and cuddling, and everything else is a breeze. I don't let my home get messy. So, until we have kids, you can chill and be my camera woman for my online business.

3. You will value God above all else...

...and that means overcoming the sin of jealousy by accepting the fact that I will have as many wives as God gives me the ability to finanically, and practially, support.


Jealousy is sinful, and destructive. I can show you how to easily overcome it so that you can love your sisterwives with respect and kindness. Likewise, you will see by experience that I will never treat you any worse, or anyone else better than yourself. I will treat all of you fairly.

Here are some questions to consider:

So long as I can support another woman without taking away from your lifestyle with me, what's it to you? Another women means less cooking and cleaning for you to do.


So long is the quality of our lifestyle and daily interactions increase, what's it to you? A sisterwife is friend and family; closer than both. 


So long as you have food, water, shelter, protection, love, kindness, and the things you need to help you reach your potential, what's it to you if I can love one more woman just like you, or five more?


As my wife, your business is to do what I say, and be concerned with what I say you should concern yourself with; that's what it means to follow me, because I am the leader and you are the follower.  And so long as you are happy and content with how I treat and provide for you, what's it matter to you, if I do the same for another woman, or 10 other women? Its really a matter of jealousy and greed; which are sins that need to be abandoned at the door.

If God blesses me with the ability to provide for one women, then I will consider myself blessed. And if God blesses me with the ability to provide for three more women, I will consider myself 4x blessed with such an important responsibilty of guiding each one to God's knowledge. And if God blesses me with the ability to provide for, and sufficiently sexually please 10 wives, I will consider myself 10x blessed. 

How many wives will I have? I don't know.

Let's start with 1, right?


4. You go where I go = follow the leader

I have many plans, and a non-profit. It is called Realizeus inc. A conscious wellness community center where people can find free resources and free help for life empowerment and guidances.

My current residence will be the first location. A location will be in every state in the USA and in every country on Earth. I am not travaling right now, but as I launch these courses these next 2 years and the funds become available, I will eventually be doing a lot of traveling. And I'm not in a rush to have kids. We need to make sure we work effectively together before add a kid into the the process. And we may have 2-4 wives before I finally impregnate all of you at once; that way you can all work together and the children can be like real siblings from the get go. 


5. You don't have to be perfect.....

...but you must be willing and able to do as I say so that we can work towards your spiritual perfection together as a team, daily. 

Special Requiresments:

If interested in getting to know me better :

Snapchat: @drlockstar
Text: 919.879.9591

If interested, I'll respond, if not, I won't respond.

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