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Here is a brief overview of all 9 steps:

1. Pray : Correctly

Learn how to pray like Jesus Christ said to do: 

Proper Prayer: How to pray like Christ & Know God.

Follow the meditation audio track #1 to learn how.

2. BE : The Witness

Learn how to surrender like Jesus Christ hinted at in the passage, "...I lay down my life, that i might pick it up again."


 To "lay down your life," means to give up your willingness to ienact your will. It means intending to have no intentions. It means intending nothing. It means harboring no preference for or against any aspect of your onging personal experience.  


Your life is an expression of your various intents throughout life, therefore, if you cease to enact any particular intention, you will open the door to receive God-Given intentions. ;-)


The Peace & Clarity of Simply Being is Imminent.

Follow the meditation audio track #2 to learn how.

3. SEE : The Knower

Learn how to see a glimpse of Who You Truly Are : Spirit Embodied by asking this question outloud, "Am i Aware?"


(Aware of what? you might ask.)"


Am I aware of being aware?" If so. "How do i know?" )


Upon sincerely asking these questions, or simply the first question, there will be a shift in your conscience. It will be a very subtle increasing in 'knowing'.


You will feel this subtle shift in you intuition, like a feeling suddenly becoming more prominent.


It may last for a moment, or a second, but with intent and focus, you can actually maintain it continously.


For most people, the shift will be subtle and will slip away very quickly and very easily. Yet, with practice, familiarity and the knowledge of God, you will realize that this is you, seeing yourself being one with God from within.


Follow the meditation audio track #3 to learn how.

4. Feel : The Flow

Learn how to perceive The Holy Spirit i.e. intuition, while it remains in its dormant condition, not informing you. 


This experience has two halves: While exhaling, the first half feels like a sinking or melting sensation called Ease, but then changes into a persistent, steady sensation while inhaling called Calm. It alternates between Ease & Calm with every exhalation and inhalation respectively into ever greater states of obviousness.I said sensations above, but it is not a sensation.


The physical breathing sensations will remain consistent and observable, while an underpinning, sensation-like, inner emotion-like 'feeling' experience is perceived.


This feeling as a whole is called 'The Flow'.


When you feel an emotion, that is 'what you feel'.How you feel an emotion? The Flow is 'how you feel.'If you took all the emotions in existance and mixed them together, the positive and negative and all others, what would that feel like?


The Flow feels like that, and feels different depending on what is within our core focus & intent.


Follow the meditation audio track #4 to learn how.

5. Hear : The Word

Learn how to hear the holy name of God inside of you, and how to feel the spirit of the name as well.


This is mention in detail in the #1. Pray : Correctly.


This is a simple summary & straight to the point:The holy name of God is YHWH, and it sounds like "Yahweh," when we breathe in a natural, relaxed, feeling-sensitive way.Once you can mimic the name/sound outloud, you then close your mouth, and practice hearing it reverberate through your throat, chest, and forehead in meditation, and in all moments.


The Word becomes the sole focus of all silent moments when not occupied by a conscious intention, purpose, activity, etc.This is what you listen to instead of listening to the dialogue inside of your head. If you need to know something, Heaven can give you a revelaltion called an insight.


It is like a picture of all the references you requires to accomplish a task within a single moment. It is like a rememberance, or a download of the information and/or knowledge and hunches required. You will basically begin to know whatever you need to know to do God's Will as you proceed to do his works upon needing to do them, and not a moment before.


All of it will be obvious and will fit in with your current logic, or spontanously reassemble itself.


By simply maintaining a conscience of The Word, the reverberations throughout your body and mind will shake loose any residual debri within your psyche so that, slowly but surely, every lie you have ever accepted dissolves in the light of proof.


This is how you become perfect: Clean Your Cup

Follow the meditation audio track #5 to learn how.

6. Sow : The Hope

One of the most important ingredients is Hope.


The greatest hope is the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven because the entire gospels can be summarized as a message of hope. The hope for freedom from the suffering induced by this world's conditions and our own decisions.


A man without hope is a man without faith.

Hope is the fuel of faith, and the manna from Heaven.


To eat of earthly hope is to fuel earthly deeds.

To eat of heavnly hope is to fuel heavenly deeds.


You must foster a sincere concept of your life improving and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by your own actions and interaction with the world around you.


At first, you will see this from a 3rd person perspective, outside looking in. This is visualization, seeing it, but not yet being it.


Next, assume a 1st person perspective of yourself experiencing your version of Heaven on Earth inside looking out. This is actualization, because this is what 'makes it happen,' so long as you remain true to this hope & faith.


Use all of your senses, and use more senses upon reterning each time to the practice.Do this effectively enough that you forget your body, and so well enough that you begin to think from your experience, instead of thinking of your experience.


Really live it.


Basically, pretend to already live in the Kingdom of God, full of miracles, transformations, power and wonder in thanksgiving.


Pretend to beocme the Heros and Heroines we all need.Be like a child again in the practice of your vision. And of course, only focus on that which supports love, truth, mercy, faith, patience, kindness, compassion, generousity, virtue, and knowledge.


Do not include any reference of the opposite, unless it is an overcoming and the obliteration of that obstacle forever.Upon doing all of this correctly, you will feel inspiration, gladness, peace, joy, satisfaction, and/or love, and you will feel a spontaenous drive to be, and do, and live your life.


So long as you continue to nuture this hope, it will continue to flourish into completely changing your material life.


Simply trust in the knowledge of God & His Word introduced herein thus far so as to continue to manifest The Kingdom of God.(The book will discuss how this all works & why.)


Follow the meditation audio track #6 to learn how.

7. Know :  The Faith

Upon following all of the previous practices, and integrating them all into one cohesive practice and experience, you will have at this point experiencially witnessed the 'i AM' that 'i AM', who you are, and who we all share one identity, within.


Likewise, at this point you have either received the revelation of God directly, or you will soon receive it, so long as you continue to pray to the Father, asking for his assistence.


Thus, there are two groups of people practicing 'The Faith,' those who know the only true God due to already receiving his revelation, and those who are still praying and awaiting this revelation to occur.


Those who know are Gnostics, and those who do not yet know are called Agnostics, which includes everyone else in the world that also doesn't know God, yet.The practice of 'Knowing : The Faith' is a continuous voluntary witnessing of that 'i AM' within & without in The Word.


This ongoing experience of remaining continuously present with God and His Word as His Child in all righteousness is called The Primal Choice.


It is to be present, alive, awakened, ready, diligent, intuitive, conscious, purposful, real, genuine, intelligent, wise, and to be Eternal Knowledge itself, knowingly a Son of God, a child of the only true God, Yahweh.


The Real One.


In this revelation I can humbly say, "i AM the Primal Choice," because I am and am becoming ever more the emboiment of God's righteous qualities for he is infinite while I am finite.


Yet, knowing him with my light of attention only draws more of him into me, pushing out all lies, concerns, stresses, worries, wants, needs, thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, etc.With his infinite supply, he fills me into overflowing with all hope, love, joy and peace.


He leaves no room for me to have a desire for anything as I keep his hope, and he keeps my faith.


God the Father is like the shelter of the whole universe.


All things depend on him, and he alone endures; humblest of all; hidden, yet obvious; spacious, yet core to everything; infinite, yet intimate; so close, he is closer than close; so real, he is realer than real; so all-knowing, few believe in him; so all-encompassing, few seek him; so all-loving, few know him.


God the Father is like a rock upon which his many mansions walk about, and florish upon the face of the Earth as beings.


Each living thing is a temporary abode by which God abides within the very soul, being their spirit with his briliance.And always, God maintains the eternal hope that every single one of his children may one day come to know him, and love him, and know the love he has for each of them.


Even in your darkest moments, when you feel furthest from anything holy, right, correct, true, or helpful; when you feel unholy, abandoned, wrong, false, or worthless, God is present within and around you, waiting for the moment you turn away from yourself, and what you believe thus far, and turn towards him, the only one that is truly beyond all beliefs.The Real One.God the Father is like an infinite tapastry that goes in all direction.


The entire universe and all things are woven upon the fabric of his being. His creatures are his children, and his mature children are called humans, his workers.


The maturest of all are called the Sons of God, and these are whom ye are.See What Ye Are&Know Ye Are The FaithYou Are An Ambassitors of The Kingdom of God on EarthManifest Your Version of Heaven On Earth 


A righteous man's heaven is a wicked man's hell.&A wicked man's heaven is a rightesous man's hell.


Let every man choose his way, and go your way.


The Kingdom of Heaven is what YOU CHOOSE it to be.So, choose wisely.Ask God for God-given hopes.


If your hopes are wicked, you shall dwell in hell, thinking it heaven, and thinking real heaven to be hell. This is the delusion of the world except they call hell, "planet Earth".


If your hopes are righteous, you shall dwell in heaven, and you shall know that we are Heaven on Earth. Where we go, we can bless, protect, build, grow, share, and prosper in rightesousness; and with God & Prayer, no evil shall prosper against us, for God protects those children who know him, keep his commandments, and continously seek to do his will: love.

Choose wisely.

Follow the meditation audio track #7 to learn how.

8. SHARE :  The Gospel

The Gospel i.e. 'Good News' is simply:

 The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!"


 Repent means to turn away from, and change your mind and intentions away from the lies that say, "No, it's not. Heaven can't be here because of blah blah blah."

The Truth is experiencial, not theoritical. It is present moment, not in the past or in the future. The proof is an onging shift in appreciation and quality of life as one fully matures into their God-Given worldly roles. 

As you experience transformations in correspondance to maintaining all 7 steps, first in sitting meditation, then in every waking moment throughout daily life, you will naturally be gaining experiences and seeing miracles that you will testify thereon afterward. 

You will not directly testify of anything in the scriptures, unless called upon to do so by God & His Word, but will primarly testify of how God is changing your life and all of the blessings you have witnessed due to 1) Knowing God and 2) Knowing Jesus Christ because these are the requirements to embody Heaven's POV.



"When you bare witness of The One not born of a woman,

that is Your Heavenly Father. He alone shall you worhip."

You will bare witness of God the Father. Your awareness will become aware of him, and your intellect will become conscious of him. You will know him beyond all shadows of a doubt. You will be irrovocably convinced and annointed with God's knowledge of himself, true Gnosis. 

Soon after this event occurs, you will meet the brotherhood:

"When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there."

You will bare witness of Jesus Christ. You will see his spirit in yourself and in multple people at once in contrast to others. You will see the outer appearence of a person, but you will also see the inward spirit of the person. You will see we share Christ's spirit, and by it, our soul's live on forever in God's Reality.


These two events marks the trademark signs that your conscience is entering into The Kingdom of Heaven at Hand.

It is at this point that you will feel compelled to preach your unique perspective of The Gospel, based on your own daily experience of witnessing more and more, Heaven on Earth.

While most people are screaming Tragedy! Tragedy! Tragedy!
We will be living and confessing Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

We will appear crazy to anyone who isn't living with us and walking with us in daily life. Seeing is required to know, and outsiders cannot see but so much, and thus, must believe the true words and testimony of our true ongoing revelations with God as his children and heirs to The Kingdom on Earth.

Miracles will become common places.

Miraculous abilities will become our entertainment.

We will each embody the fullness of our highest aspirations.



Once you have had these two experience, you are ready to preach the true Gospel of The Kingdom of Heaven at hand!


"When you bare witness of The One not born of a woman,

that is Your Heavenly Father. He alone shall you worhip."


"When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there." This is the experience of witnessing Christ, within & without.

Anyone following my teachings should likewise contact me and submit a testimony to me before citing me as their source. I will only vouch for those children of God who admit the truth, that they were directed into the Kingdom of Heaven by Me.

If you try to claim me, or my teachings for yourself without my approval and consideration of your development...there will be heavy penalties for anyone blaspheming The Word of God.

So, do not be found in error.

Please reach out and make contact with

me as soon as you have had the 1st experience.

Thank you.

9. Manifest :  God's Will

Once you have done all of the above, and have experienced the all experiences, then uniting them all together into one eternal life experience, then you will truly know you are in Heaven soon afterward. And just like all were obvious before, so too, this revelation will be obvious to you, but you must persist.

As our versions of Heaven co-manifest, we will build a community where all the members are God-conscious.

This organization is called RealizeUS inc.

For information about that will be available to members.

So...hurry up and become God conscious. 

Just practice, and have hope, and keep faith, and you will see.

This is my mood writing all this :-)

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