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7. Know :  The Faith

Upon following all of the previous practices, and integrating them all into one cohesive practice and experience, you will have at this point experiencially witnessed the 'i AM' that 'i AM', who you are, and who we all share one identity, within.


Likewise, at this point you have either received the revelation of God directly, or you will soon receive it, so long as you continue to pray to the Father, asking for his assistence.


Thus, there are two groups of people practicing 'The Faith,' those who know the only true God due to already receiving his revelation, and those who are still praying and awaiting this revelation to occur.


Those who know are Gnostics, and those who do not yet know are called Agnostics, which includes everyone else in the world that also doesn't know God, yet.The practice of 'Knowing : The Faith' is a continuous voluntary witnessing of that 'i AM' within & without in The Word.


This ongoing experience of remaining continuously present with God and His Word as His Child in all righteousness is called The Primal Choice.


It is to be present, alive, awakened, ready, diligent, intuitive, conscious, purposful, real, genuine, intelligent, wise, and to be Eternal Knowledge itself, knowingly a Son of God, a child of the only true God, Yahweh.


The Real One.


In this revelation I can humbly say, "i AM the Primal Choice," because I am and am becoming ever more the emboiment of God's righteous qualities for he is infinite while I am finite.


Yet, knowing him with my light of attention only draws more of him into me, pushing out all lies, concerns, stresses, worries, wants, needs, thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, etc.With his infinite supply, he fills me into overflowing with all hope, love, joy and peace.


He leaves no room for me to have a desire for anything as I keep his hope, and he keeps my faith.


God the Father is like the shelter of the whole universe.


All things depend on him, and he alone endures; humblest of all; hidden, yet obvious; spacious, yet core to everything; infinite, yet intimate; so close, he is closer than close; so real, he is realer than real; so all-knowing, few believe in him; so all-encompassing, few seek him; so all-loving, few know him.


God the Father is like a rock upon which his many mansions walk about, and florish upon the face of the Earth as beings.


Each living thing is a temporary abode by which God abides within the very soul, being their spirit with his briliance.And always, God maintains the eternal hope that every single one of his children may one day come to know him, and love him, and know the love he has for each of them.


Even in your darkest moments, when you feel furthest from anything holy, right, correct, true, or helpful; when you feel unholy, abandoned, wrong, false, or worthless, God is present within and around you, waiting for the moment you turn away from yourself, and what you believe thus far, and turn towards him, the only one that is truly beyond all beliefs.The Real One.God the Father is like an infinite tapastry that goes in all direction.


The entire universe and all things are woven upon the fabric of his being. His creatures are his children, and his mature children are called humans, his workers.


The maturest of all are called the Sons of God, and these are whom ye are.See What Ye Are&Know Ye Are The FaithYou Are An Ambassitors of The Kingdom of God on EarthManifest Your Version of Heaven On Earth 


A righteous man's heaven is a wicked man's hell.&A wicked man's heaven is a rightesous man's hell.


Let every man choose his way, and go your way.


The Kingdom of Heaven is what YOU CHOOSE it to be.So, choose wisely.Ask God for God-given hopes.


If your hopes are wicked, you shall dwell in hell, thinking it heaven, and thinking real heaven to be hell. This is the delusion of the world except they call hell, "planet Earth".


If your hopes are righteous, you shall dwell in heaven, and you shall know that we are Heaven on Earth. Where we go, we can bless, protect, build, grow, share, and prosper in rightesousness; and with God & Prayer, no evil shall prosper against us, for God protects those children who know him, keep his commandments, and continously seek to do his will: love.


Choose wisely.


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