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Before a true estimate and price range can be given, you will require a consultation. Of course, you may text me and attempt to schedule without it; but my emergency rates may apply depending on how soon you want to schedule. 

In Summary: 

New Clients & all non-maintenance services: @ $130-160 / hour depending on consecutive hours.

Regular Clients (only maintenance services) @ $90-110 / hour depending on if prescheduled or not.


Here is my #CovidPolicy


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General Information



  • A $50 upfront deposit is required to book a consultation. It will go towards your future service, provided that it is booked within 1 month of the consultation. The price of this initial deposit is sizable so as to weed-out anyone who is truly not committed to receiving the absolute best service, both of my Presence and of my skills as a Pro. Loctician.

    • If you do not show up, or give a reasonable notice of being unable to attend our appointed session(s), your deposit will be void, requiring you to reschedule a new consultation with a new deposit; or you will be banned from doing business herein.

    • All deposits are non-refundable (even if you change your mind or read my c0v1dp0l1cy after the fact).

    • Consultations are primarily booked online, but you may also call or text me to setup a consult if a certain time slot is not available. Texting is better; as I cannot guarentee my ability to return missed calls. A deposit will then be required through CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal. 


  • During your initial consultation, we will decide upon the best date and time to suit your situation; and at that time, you will be required to fufill your 50% deposit based on our agreed upon estimate.

    This 50% goes towards the total service cost.

    Provided that the appointment is fulfilled as planned, after the service you will be given the option to become a prescheduled client (@$90/hr), a non-scheduled client (@$110/hr), or you may place a $100 deposit as a non-scheduled client, allowing you to still receive the $90/hr rate, but your "short notice scheduling" will be limited to my availabliity. 

    Please arrive on time, or 5-15 minutes early; willing to wait if necessary; if you are running late, think you are running late, or are late, please send me a text informing me of your situation or ETA ( estimated time of arrival ) based on your GPS. 

    *See the bottom of the page for Irrisponsible Cancelations & No Show Policy.



Instant Dreadlocks


  • Please, do not text or call asking about how much it will cost to get dreadlocks, nor ask for a "price range". If you want an estimate, please book your consultation here.


Professional Maintenance


New clients: 

  • Service duration can range from 2-6 hours for new clients.

  • 50% upfront deposit is required for new clients.

  • Please, do not text or call asking about how much it will cost to get maintenance, nor ask for a "price range". If you want an estimate, please book your consultation here


Repeat clients: 

  • Service duration is approximately 1-2 hours if you pre-matt your dreads.

  • Some clients with unusually thick dreads may require 2+ hour sessions. 

  • The duration can go up to 3 hours or more if you have neglected your dreads.

  • If I can fit 2 fingers into your roots because you have not followed my previous suggestions to matt your dreads every 8-14 days, your session could count as a repair instead.


Extreme Repairs


  • Service duration can vary depending on the task. This includes fixing: loops, knots, bulbs, kinks, strays, interlocking, twists, thinning, bulking, removal, combining, attaching, and anything else unusual.

  • In some cases, extreme neglect of the roots can count as a repair instead of maintenance.

  • Please, do not text or call asking about how much it will cost to get repairs, nor ask for a "price range". If you want an estimate, please book your consultation here.



Dreadlock Extensions


  • We still offer this service. Details found here.

    If you are insecure about the length of your starting dreadlocks or current dreadlocks, I offer life coaching services at :



If you are interested in receiving a service at the convenience of your home, please submit your address when you schedule your consultation, and I will contact you beforehand in order to discuss the arrangement. 

$1.25/minute to and from the destination, plus the cost of an Uber.

If traveling to you requires that I stay overnight, accommodations must be provided, plus an additional cost of $100.00 per night.


  • Cancelation & No Show Policy

  • Please give me a 24+ hour notice of any cancalations or rescheduling. 

  • If you cancel within that 24 hour period before the alotted session ( and it is not a life threatening reason that is out of your control ), or do not show up without giving any notice in advance, it counts as an irresponsible cancelation; and you now owe me $50 for the day you wasted (and/or you lose your deposit if applicable). 

    If you do not pay these penalties and/or refuse to accept fault for our missed agreement, you will be banned from this business until I receive payment for the time wasted, plus an 
    apology; and only then will I reconsider working with you.


  • Please read the new terms & conditions here to understand why.





Due to the number of variables involved, the only way to get an estimate is to get a consultation. Thus, if you have a question that is completely unrelated to pricing or availability, please use this form to contact me directly, or schedule your consultation here.

All other requests will be promptly ignored.

Thank you.

Your details were sent successfully!

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