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This business venture is called 'Coach Gnosis,' because I teach knowledge.

Gnosis, means knowledge, specifically esoteric, hidden spiritual knowledge of the relationship between the body and mind. This is what I share freely, and teach privately through my personal meditation practices, enabling you to:

𝟏. Overcome every distraction

2. Discover perfect peace

3. Eliminate every addiction
4. Embody any habit
5. Resolve every trauma
6. Gain true understanding
7. Bypass every limitation

8. Manifest your heart's desires
9. Perfect thyself in the knoweldge of The Kingdom


In addition to mastering your mind with meditation, I coach bodily mastery through:


𝟏. Muscle Control: Gaining concious control of every muscle in body.

𝟐. Strength Calisthenic / Gymnastics

𝟑. Kettlebell & Performance Juggling

𝟒. Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's MMA) : Real street fighting

My Story

At present, I have mastered meditation and am able to reconstruct my life on demand. Thus, I am currently working towards total mastery of my major muscle groups, followed by mastering my lungs, abdomenn and subtle muscle groups in the pursuit of strength through the ancient practice of muscle control in calisthenics, gymnastics, mixed marital arts, and percision kettlebell juggling (my own creation and practice seen no where else).

This year in May of 2023, I attended the Sharkori Hills Grass Roots Music Festival in North Carolina, wherein I was able to successfully able to teach 4 people how to juggle 3 balls (a feat that took me a month to learn), 2 people how to percision juggle a kettlebell in the 'wide arc' (tossing overhead from side-to-side without reaching to catch it), and 3 people learned how to perform handstands on parallet bars. I also taught beginner gymnastics and strength training to countless children, adolescents and adults during the 4 day event.


During the same event, I successfully percision juggled a 35 lb kettlebell for the first time, and am steadily approaching my goal of being able to percision juggle a 60 lb kettlebell. The most common compliment I received during my first public exhibition was, "You have inspired me to..." (get more fit, pick up juggling, learn gymnastics, practice handstands, etc). 

I intend to host an even larger exhibition this fall at Shakori Hills, and I am currently awaiting the organizer of the children's center to reach out to me, because she has voiced her interest in me teaching the children and their parents how to juggle as a whole; so, if you have little ones, and would like to learn how to juggle with them, thus fostering a life-long fun activity to share together, here is a link to check it out.

While my personal meditation practice is effective enough to stand on its own for mastering the mind, I thought it unique and more interesting to teach it in combination with at least 1-2 physical practices as well, depending on the interest and disposition of you, my potential clientele.


Below, I have listed a brief explaination of the various physical practices, their value, and my current skill level, because even though I am not yet a master in these disciplines, I still enjoy them almost daily, and I find immense satisfaction in teaching what I know, seeing growth in my peers, and leading by example in all I do, even though I am only a little bit more experienced than you in these beautiful arts of physical cultivation.

P.S. And for those of you that it may interest, I am also a professional hand drawn portrait artist, painter, sculpter, poet; so, if learning to draw or paint is of interest to you, and I more than happy to also teach these topics as well, but they are not the core focus of this business: 'Coach Gnosis'. 

Photos, videos & reviews coming soon!

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